About Us

Ukani Malawi is a local NGO which deals with girl and women empowerment and gender equality and was founded in June 2016. We are formally registered as a Trust in Malawi. We look at the overall development of the girl child ranging from her health, sanitation, education, safety and look to groom future female leaders, entrepreneurs and politicians. We work with 200 volunteers both male and female and have reached 2,600 girls and women through running projects in Zomba, Blantyre, Lilongwe and Mzimba.

Our Mission

To lead the fight for gender equality and women empowerment in Malawi and then the rest of Africa

Our Plan

To groom young female leaders and Entrepreneurs who will actively contribute to the Development of Malawi.

Our Vision

To create generation of empowered women to bring change in our society.

What We Do

In order to achieve our objectives we run the following programs

The Breaking Red Project

Trains girls in menstrual health hygiene management, distributes reusable pads and provides them with skills on how to make them. This aims at ensuring that girls have the necessary materials they need for their menstruation, so they don’t miss school or dropout entirely.

The Young Mothers Project

The young mothers project aims to break poverty cycles among young mothers in Malawi by equipping them with marketable skills in tailoring, material refurbishment and shoe making. We couple this with training in SRHR, entrepreneurship and mentorship. We provide start-up capital and access to internships so young mothers can become financially stable and independent.


“Bloomkins is a social enterprise run by Ukani Malawi as part of our sustainability program. We provide reusable pads at an affordable cost to other NGO’s and companies and the money made is then fed back into supporting Ukani’s programs. We provide consultancy services on development of MHM programs and skills training in reusable pad making.”

Secondary School Leadership Programme

Looks to equip young girls with skills in leadership, entrepreneurship and advocacy. Through a series of fun and engaging workshops and access to role models and mentors, girls have an opportunity to develop their skills as leaders in their schools and communities.

The Seed Grant Initiative

Provides young women in rural areas with start-up capital to run and manage small scale businesses. This is coupled with training in entrepreneurship and guidance on how to run a sustainable small business.

Ukani Malawi & GirlUp
Cervical cancer prevention program (CCPP)

The cervical cancer prevention program is a project that aims to reduce the high rates of cervical cancer in Malawi, by providing awareness for cervical cancer, the HPV connection and training on the prevention methods availableas well as sexual reproductive health education ina fun and educative manner. Many women in the poverty ridden communities in Malawi do not have robust knowledge on what cervical cancer is, what causes it and the prevention methods available. This project intends to ...

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Get involved and help Ukani reach more girls and women in hard to reach places!


Register to be volunteer with us on a short-term basis or long-term membership on any of our active projects. Use this opportunity to use your skills towards making positive change. Register to volunteer on +265888288622 or [email protected]


Support any of our programs by donating cash or in kind. Through our National bank account, UKANI YOUTH ORGANIZATION, held at Victoria Avenue branch; 1003137027.

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